The Magic of Hello Dancer and what it has to Say

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1.   Tell us a little bit about yourself.  

Hi - I’m the Magic of Hello Dancer and I am everywhere. Look at the walls… you may see a little sparkle. It’s my job to make you smile!

2.   What is your first memorable dance moment?  

I have SOOOOOO many! I think the one that stands out the most it that time that I met Tinker Bell and we twirled, leaped and flew al around in the rain while the sun was shining. As the rain faded off a beautiful rainbow appeared and it just made me smile!

3.   What do you love about teaching?  

The smiles!

4.    What do you love about Hello Dancer?

Everything! What isn’t to love!

5.    Who is your favorite cartoon or animated character? 

Is this even a real question? Tinker Bell! are there any other cartoon characters even out there besides her? :)

6.     What do you want your impact to be as a teacher at Hello Dancer?

To create that feeling of wonder and awe leading to the biggest smile of your life!  

7.    What are you qualifications?  

My name says it all! MAGIC!