Jenn Birou - Dance teacher/Artist

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1.   Tell us a little bit about yourself.  

I’m a positive, happy, energetic person, dancer and mother.  I think I was born a mermaid and like Ariel, my singing voice was taken when I got my human dancing legs.  

2.   What is your first memorable dance moment?  

My mom driving me 40 minutes to an hour to bring me to my first dancing school.  I wanted to go to the same one that my best friend went to.  My mom is the best!

3.   What do you love about teaching?  

That feeling that we are having an amazingly great time that feels like playing, and that is when the most learning and fun is happening, because they are super engaged.  

4.   What do you love about Hello Dancer? 

I love Mrs. April!  & how much she puts into the curriculum and the time spent with the teachers to make sure she is sharing her absolute most with us and showing just how much she loves teaching.  I love Mr. Thomas!  And how great he is at turning the space into a million different magical landscapes, and how he loves to welcome people into the Hello Dancer Family.  April is always in her dance gear and ready to teach, and Thomas is always there. 

5.   Who is your favorite cartoon or animated character?

Hmmmmmm, Gus Gus from Cinderella.  He is such an appreciative, happy, and loving little mouse with the biggest smile and best disposition.  Everyone should have a Gus Gus as a friend. 

6.   What do you want your impact to be as a teacher at Hello Dancer? 

I want the children to feel so overly free to be themselves in my classes.  I want them to see that I’m weird and silly in my own ways, and that being different from others and being unique is the most amazing quality they could possibly posses. 

7.   What are your qualifications?

I’m a Dance Master and all, lol.  No, I went to get my Masters Degree in dance with the focus on teaching and instruction.  I also just took an amazing two week course in Seattle for teachers.  I have taught dance in studios for many years, and owned my own studio for five years.  I learned so much from that experience, but I didn’t’ have a Thomas in my offices or an April to introduce the great curriculum we use at Hello Dancer.  It is the first time I’m working with this curriculum but after 20+ years as a teacher – this is honeslty the most productive and enriching curriculum for dancers and I only wish I met April sooner.