An intro to Hello Dancer & why we do what we do!!

Hello Magical and Amazing people of the Universe! My name is April Peters and I kind of, really, absolutely love everything about dancing! ✨😘💞👯💖🥳✨

When I opened Hello Dancer, I didn’t realize how much I would be pushed, and pulled out of my comfort zone so quickly. You see, I had owned dance studios before, but didn’t have the same perspective I do now as a busy mom. I opened Hello Dancer because I couldn’t find everything I was looking for in a dance studio. Ballet has been taught pretty much the same way for over 200 years, and dance studios, schools, and academies have been run pretty much the same way for as long as they have been around…   The problem that I kept running into was, that very few of these dance studios have evolved and kept up with the changing ways that kids learn and retain information now. So I started with idea that we will level the playing field and take away all competition and focus on the technique and magic of dancing in a welcoming environment, Next, I wanted to drop the stress of the dance recital at the end of the year. By doing this it allows the kiddos to focus the entire class on learning how to dance and not a dance and take the stress of time and money away from the parents. Now we still do an amazing “Informance” in studio on their last class of the year in May but this is more of an absolutely magical way of the kiddos getting to show off to their family, friends and loved ones what they learned and how they progressed. The “Informance” is a complete celebration of the children and is held during their class and at NO extra cost (even though we completely transform the studio into something absolutely AMAZING and Magical! The last part to my puzzle was to introduce new teaching methods and creative ways of making dance technique fun and engaging to learn without it being frustrating and boring. Sounds easy right… 🤷‍♀️😉

But what I didn’t realize was that incorporating these ideas into Hello Dancer, that we would start to become so much more. It would be beginning of something extraordinary….Something absolutely life changing! A place where dancing is celebrated as magical and amazing and learning to dance is fun and technical at the same time, with the emphasis on smiles! I started incorporating conceptual dance in all of our classes, I started creating a meaningful developmentally appropriate curriculum that focuses on the whole child creating skilled technicians – who have solid foundation, inventive creators – who understand choreographic skills and dance concepts, critical thinkers – who understand improv and exploration, successful collaborators – who know how to lead, follow, and work in a group, and respectful responders – who are able to reflect on their work, and observe others with a better understanding and appreciation for dance. Yes, I understand that these are big things for little people, but you better believe that they are more than capable of learning more than just dance steps, and they should learn more than dance steps!!! Let’s give them the biggest possible tool box so they can take on the world starting at a young age!!! This isn’t the old school method I was taught as a young dancer at all, rather one that will engage your child in ways you never imagined dance could!💖

We teach BIG IDEAS and mix this with classic technique in an innovative way. that engages the children to learn while smiling and enjoying the process of dancing ! Creativity comes out of structure and skill development, while constantly engaging the imagination. Our structured and meaningful curriculum will help your child gain freedom through knowledge. We want to help your child develop personal knowledge and give them a chance to create their own steps and choreography ((Yup, you read that right – we are building inventive creators at a young age)). Our goal is to take your child on a full journey, rather than just steps and rehearsed choreography, and we do this through guided exploration and creating in our classes. We teach little people – BIG IDEAS!.. to give them a voice that will enrich the entire dance universe and beyond.

This work has been life changing for me as a teacher and as a studio owner. I couldn’t imagine teaching any other way!!! Hello Dancer has become much more than no recitals, no competitions. It is magical, educational, creative, and an amazing experience for children to grow as dancers and as little people way beyond their wildest dreams.

We kind of really love what we do and hope that it shows!  🌷💞💖

Happy Dancing!  💖