Let's Learn About Levels & Size!

October - Month #2 was pretty fun and wildly Spooktackular! You probably heard the kiddos talking about level and were wondering what on earth does that have to do with dancing! It's funny that you may have been thinking that because there are lots of dancers that don't really figure out "Levels" till much later in their dancing world.

Levels are one of the main core concepts that are teaching here at Hello Dancer that will allow them to use their imagination and creativity much more when dancing. Learning "Levels" allows them to start to understand that dancing isn't just learning steps or positions but instead it is about size, shapes and placement of your body. They can move in low levels (low to the floor or on the floor) medium levels (kneeling or crouching) and high levels (standing and reaching into the air). We also went over the concept of Size and how they can move small, medium and big in a space!

It may seem wildly chaotic at times but it is all very much part of learning dance in a conceptual manner and at the same time a newer way to teach traditional methods.