Questions/Answers about Hello Dancer and What makes

us a little different form everyone else


Why does Hello Dancer choose to do an Informance vs. a Recital?

An informance allows for more than just performing!  Parents are allowed into a peak at the creative process, and can get a better understanding why the dancers are doing what they are doing, and why the teachers are assigning the ‘assignments’ they assign. It allows for an opportunity to share the benefits and value of a dance education that focuses on the whole child.  At the informance, you are still having the students explore even as they’re showing off to the audience.  This way you’re sharing your progress and development with the audience, instead of having them dress up and show off something that was laid out for them.  At a recital there tends to be a lot of down time and emphasis on the performance instead of constant engagement and learning together.  An informance is an informational, informal, performance that is enriching and inspirational.  You won’t want to miss this opportunity.

At Hello Dancer each class has their own informance which is held at the end of the dance year at the studio.  The studio magically transforms into a place of celebration and sparkles!  Parents, grandparents, family, and friends are all invited to join in this memorable and special event – and guess what?!  There are no extra fees to participate, no tickets to purchase, no costumes, no make-up, and no long rehearsals.  Your child’s class will perform, and only your child’s class – yes you heard that right - you will not be sitting through a 3 hour event watching the whole studio perform, only to watch your child’s 3 min. dance.  Our informance is a showcase of wonder and smiles where the children will be able to show off their "season of dance."  

By holding the informance in the studio this instantly creates a welcoming atmosphere and space the children are comfortable in, and allows for much less pressure on the them, giving them a chance to show and tell what they’ve learned all while having a blast!  The pressure from bright lights and a dark stage can be very intimidating to young children, which is why we’ve chosen to hold our informances in a space that “your child’s.” 

Informances are more productive for the children, as they won't have to spend the second half of the year practicing one dance routine, which can have a very static feel as they are mimicking and perfecting the teachers choreography over and over.  Instead we work towards an understanding of dance and how it relates to them and the magic that it makes them feel, exploring several dance concepts, practicing movement combinations, collaborating with others, and creating dances themselves.  This is a much more enriching process!

Do you teach real dancing?  Or will my child just run around a play with scarfs? 

Hello Dancer is so much more than just throwing out a bunch of magical props and letting the children dance all around and play during class.

Our classes provide excellent dance training for your child.

We do know that free dancing and play is a major component of a child’s development. However, at Hello Dancer we teach BIG Ideas, and know that creativity comes out of structure and skill development, while constantly engaging the imagination. 

Our structured and meaningful curriculum will help your child gain freedom through knowledge. We want to help your child develop personal knowledge and give them a chance to create their own steps and choreography. Yup, you read that right – we are building inventive creators at a young age. 

Our goal is to take your child on a full journey, rather than just steps and rehearsed choreography, and we do this through guided exploration and creating in our classes. We teach – BIG IDEAS! Giving the kids a voice that will enrich the entire dance universe and beyond.

So yes, we absolutely teach real dance… and so much more.

What will my child learn? 

Our curriculum is truly extraordinary!  Learning to dance at Hello Dancer is fun and technical at the same time.

We presentdance from a conceptual standpoint that is threaded through the entire class- where the dancers can gain knowledge and vocabulary through an understanding of the big ideas and principles of dance, next we layer in layer concreate skills and technique, leaving room for exploring and creating, and of course magic.   

Our meaningful developmentally appropriate curriculum focuses on the whole child, creating skilled technicians – who have solid foundation, inventive creators – who understand choreographic skills and dance concepts, critical thinkers – who understand improv and exploration, successful collaborators – who know how to lead, follow, and work in a group, and respectful responders – who are able to reflect on their work, and observe others with a better understanding and appreciation for dance.

We understand that these are big things for little people, but you better believe that they are more than capable of learning more than just dance steps, and they should learn more than dance steps!  

We want to give them the biggest possible tool box so they can take on the world starting at a young age! This isn’t the old school method I was taught as a young dancer at all, rather one that will engage your child in ways you never imagined dance could!

Our lessons are life changing!

How many children will be in my child’s class? 

Small class sizes are important in maintaining an atmosphere where your child will get the most out of each class. Which is why our class sizes are kept small with 10-12 children per class depending on the age group.  Classes with eight or more children will have an assistant.  

Do you use students as assistants and teachers? 

No.  In order to provide the best possible dance education for your child, we hold very high standards for our teachers. 

All of our assistants and teachers are adults with an excellent dance and teaching background.  All of our teachers not only attend an annual teacher training, but do continuing education throughout the year as well with Hello Dancer and our affiliates.  

 Can I watch my child’s class?

Of course!  Parents are always allowed to watch their child’s progress, and not on a tiny monitor or only once a month.  

 We have a huge viewing window in the parent viewing rooms that are always open for parents to watch the fun and magic of each class. Getting to see the smiles on your child’s face, all the wiggles and giggles, and watch them throughout the year is almost just as fun for the parents as it is for the kiddos. Periodically, throughout the year there will be classes that the parents are invited in to watch and possibly be a part of. These are hands on observations and a wonderful way to be a part of the magic. 

Of course some parent’s like to use this time to run a quick errand, so feel free to drop off and pick up as well.  

Are your classes age appropriate?  We take our role as dance educators and influencers in your child's life very seriously and hold ourselves to a standard. We are committed to allowing kids to be kids through age appropriate dancing and music. There is plenty of great music out there to choose from that the kiddos love and is kid friendly, and plenty of dance moves that don't involve adult concepts. Let's let them enjoy childhood.

What’s are the costs and what’s the catch?

There are no "Catches" or "Hidden Costs" or anything tacked onto your monthly dues. 

 There is a once a year membership fee of $50 (Single Dancer)/$85 (Family), and your monthly tuition which ranges from $50-& $75 per month (click here exact for tuition prices)

The only other costs are on dancewear, that can be purchased either in our own dancewear shop or elsewhere. 

 There are no other hidden costs, no costume fees, no event fees, no recital fees. Nothing. You pay an annual "Membership" + "Monthly rate" and that is it. 

Do you sell dancewear and dance shoes? 

We do!  We carry everything your child will need for their classes, and if we don’t have it in stock we will gladly place an order for you.  

And if you are a member of Hello Dancer, you will get the super special member price.  (Here are a few items at member prices to give you an idea:  Tights $9-10, Pink Ballet Slippers $18, Tan Tap Shoes $25, Leotards with attached skirts $23-$25)

 Why don’t you do competitions? 

One of our goals is to keep things simple and stress free for the parents, as well as for the kids. We want dance to be a happy place, where they don't have to worry about being judged, a place where children can learn the art of dance without the added stress of competition. 

Dance used to be about learning the FUNdamentals of dance while having fun. However, dance has become an activity that has become increasingly expensive, commercialized, and a sexualized dance world. For those that participate in competitions, it is more than just something fun these days. It is a lifestyle that requires a lot of sacrifices for the children and their families, not to mention added costs that will break the average parents pocketbook. 

Our goal is to create an environment where kids can be kids, without the pressure of trophies, winning, and getting overwhelmed with performance and competition anxiety. Therefore, with all these things in mind, we've made the decision to be a non-competitive dance studio.