Questions/Answers about Hello Dancer and What makes

us a little different form everyone else

+ No big recitals? Isn't this a big part of dance and being at a studio?

As a former dance studio owner, lifelong dancer and professional choreographer, I’ve done all the hoorah of big recitals and competitions, and while those are great if that’s your thing, I knew I wanted Hello Dancer to be different. As a parent of an 9 and 10 year old, I know the struggles of trying to juggle every day tasks and adding in extracurricular activities, especially if they involve lots of extra fees with costume costs and recital space rentals and more importantly the extra time commitment. It can make it difficult or sometimes not even doable for all families. I knew that there needed to be another option. Not to mention, the fact that part of your dance year is lost to learning a single routine for that recital as opposed to learning the proper techniques and fundamentals of dancing.

+ If there is no recital at the end of the year, how do we get to see our children's progress and what gives the children a sense of accomplishment for having taken dancing all year long?

We have to break this one down into two parts.

The first part being getting to see your child's progress: We have a huge viewing window in the parent's viewing room that is always open for parents to watch the fun and magic of each class. Getting to see the smiles on your child’s face, all the wiggles and giggles, and watch them throughout the year is almost just as fun for the parents as it is for the kiddos. Periodically, throughout the year there will be classes that the parents are invited in to watch and possibly be a part of. These are hands on observations and a wonderful way to be a part of the magic.

The second part of this question is the fun part! The last week of classes in May the studio will magically transform into something beautiful. A place that the children will be revered and celebrated. A "Showcase" of wonder and smiles where the children will be able to show off their "year of dance" without any of the pressure of a full blown recital and 3 minutes of stage time. They won't have to spend the second half of the year practicing one dance routine and instead will work towards an understanding of dance and how it relates to them and the magic that it makes them feel!

+ What are the costs and what is the catch?

There are no "Catches" or "Hidden Costs" or anything tacked onto your monthly dues. There is a Once a Year Membership Fee of $50 (Single Dancer) / $85 (Family) and a Monthly Cost of $70 (1 Class), $65 (2 Classes or 2 Family Members), or $60 (3 or more Classes or Family Members).

So basically, if you take one class and have one membership it will Cost $680 for the entire dance year (Sept. to May).

The only other costs are on dancewear, that can be purchased either in our own dancewear shop or elsewhere.

+ Is your studio age appropriate?

We take our role as dance educators and influencers in your child's life very seriously and hold ourselves to a standard. We are committed to allowing kids to be kids through age appropriate dancing and music. There is plenty of great music out there to choose from that the kiddos love and is kid friendly, and plenty of dance moves that don't involve adult concepts. Let's let them enjoy childhood.

+ Why don't you do competitions?

One of our goals is to keep things simple and stress free for the parents, as well as for the kids. We want dance to be a happy place, where they don't have to worry about being judged, a place where children can learn the art of dance without the added stress of competition.

Dance use to be about learning the FUNdamentals of dance while having fun. However, dance has become an activity that has become increasingly expensive, commercialized, and a sexualized dance world. For those that particpate in competitions, it is more than just something fun these days. It is a lifestyle that requires a lot of sacrifices for the children and their families, not to mention added costs that will break the average parents pocketbook.

Our goal is to create an environment where kids can be kids, without the pressure of trophies, winning, and getting overwhelmed with performance and competition anxiety. Therefore, with all these things in mind, we've made the decision to be a non-competitive dance studio.

+ What does my child need for dance class?

Your can find the dress code here: ((Link to dress code)).

A dance bag for shoes, water bottle, cover-up, etc is also a great idea for each child to have. We recommend designating a special bag or backpack for this. This will help keep all your little ones belongings toghether, making things less likely to get lost. We are also a fan of labeling shoes and belongings and ask that you do so.

Children will be able to use the cubbies provided in the studio to put their dance bags in during class.

+ I want to register, but we already