hello little teenie tiny dancers!

The Baby/Toddler Program is for walking - 4 years old and is focused on developing fine and gross motor skills, listening, basic movements, and lots of wiggling and giggling with mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, grandma, big sis, or whoever wants to dance with the little one!

Mommy & Me - (1.5 or walking to 4 year olds) This is a perfect way for the child who may not be ready to take class on his or her own yet and for the mom or dad that wants to wiggle and and giggle with their little one! Creative movement, pre-ballet and awareness basics along with parent/child activities are built into this class. We love to incorporate colorful and educational props in all of the classes. Children will gain coordination, confidence, listening skills, balance, music interpretation and motor development.  

Get ready for a creative, educational, and magical experience like no other!!!!


We are keeping it simple and stress free for you parents!!! (Yay!)

💕 What you can expect!

✔️ Meaningful & developmentally appropriate curriculum

✔️ Classes that focus on technicality and creativity

✔️ Incorporation of big ideas, movement, vocabulary and terminology

✔️ More than jus steps and rehearsed choreography

✔️ Teachers AND assistants that are adults with excellent training and experience

✔️ Small class sizes (10-12 children)

✔️ Large viewing window for parents always open to watch (whoo hoo!)

✔️Age appropriate dancing, music, and dancewear

✔️ No recital - rather an AMAZING and MAGICAL “Informance” (yayyy!)

✔️ No competitions

✔️No surprise fees, no extra costs

💕We focus on the whole child, creating…

✔️ Skilled technicians - who have a solid foundation

✔️ Inventive creators - who understand choreographic skills and dance concepts

✔️ Critical thinkers - who understand improv and exploration

✔️ Successful collaborators - who know who to lead follow and work in a group

✔️ Respectful responders - who are able to reflect on their work and observe other with a better understanding and appreciation for dance

✨ We understand that these are big ideas for young dancers - but you better believe that they are more than capable and should learn more than just dance steps!!!

✨ Our goal is to give your child the biggest possible toolbox so they can take on the work at a young age!!!

✨This isn’t the old school method of teaching - rather one that will engage your child in ways you never imagined dance could!!!


Mommy & Me (Fall 2019)

Tuesdays @ 9am

Fridays @1pm

Saturdays @ 9am

Saturdays @10am

* 50 Minute Classes

** 14 Classes from Sept - Dec. (FALL 2019)

*** Spring Session (Feb - May 2020) Registration starts Dec 1, 2019

COST: $60 Monthly


Children: anything that they love to dance in. They can come in a Princess Dress, or dance leotard and tutu, or even just simple shorts and a t-shirt. For the Shoes we ask that they either wear tennis shoes, ballet shoes or go barefoot.

Moms / Dads Grandparents ? Siblings: any kind of activewear with tennis shoes, ballet slippers or barefoot.

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What’s included with your membership?

✨ Hello Dancer T-shirt

✨Priority enrollments - ensuring first choice of classes each year

✨Special Pricing in the Hello Dancer Boutique

✨Members only events - appreciation parties

✨Savings on holiday camps, summer camps, parent's night out, birthday parties, and more

✨Make up classes

✨and so much more!!!!

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