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The 2018/2019 Dance Season brings about a lot of fun things for Hello Dancer!  It is our first official full season of dance and wiggles, giggles, smiles, twirls and leaps!  We are focusing on three main areas: The Baby/Toddler, the Children and the Youth Programs and all or a wonderful mix of fundamentals, foundations and fun! 

Enrollment for 2019/2020

Sign up for a membership with hello Dancer to be a part of our Amazing year 2 Starting Sept 3, 2019

Schedule will be released in Soon with a few fun twists to the traditional Dance Studio Setup!


The Youth Foundations Program is built for 7-12 year olds and is completely structured around learning the foundations of dance. For 2019/2020 We will have two sections 7-9 year olds and 9-12 year olds. The Foundations Program has three components that are all separate but best if paired.

(a) Ballet Foundations - Ballet is the foundation upon which most dance forms are based and is by far and away Mrs. April's favorite.  In this class, your child continues working on proper body alignment and fluid movement and begins barre work as well as center floor, and across the floor progressions.  They will also be exposed to more dance terms and continue working on the building blocks of movement to progress onto more advanced levels of dance training.

(b) Jazz & Tap Foundations - This class is a fun and upbeat combo of jazz and tap, two very popular forms of dance in the world of Broadway and theater.  In this class, your dancer can get ready for some snazzy, jazzy and everyday we're shuffling dance moves!  Jazz is a very popular, upbeat, stylized form of dance that includes leaps, jumps, kicks, turns and everything in between, while tap dancing combines rhythm and coordination to make music with the feet and body.

(c) Hip Hop Foundations - Welcome to Hip Hop Foundations. This is a fun, exciting, and energetic class that focuses on the popular style of urban dance.  Classwork consists of learning to develop coordination, body awareness, strength building, growing self-esteem and promoting confidence. Learn the fundamental hip hop moves including basic body isolations, precision, performance quality, and develop a vocabulary of steps and combinations.  All music and dancing are age appropriate.

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Ballet Foundations

            Ballet Foundations, Black Level, ($70 Monthly) Age 7-12

                        Class Times Offered:

                                Tuesdays –6:30pm (1 Hour)  -- WAITLIST — (Next Session Starts Sept 2019)

Jazz & Tap Foundations

            Jazz & Tap  ($70 Monthly) 

                        Class Times Offered:

                        Wednesdays –4:30pm (1 Hour) -- WAITLIST (Next Session Starts Sept 2019)

Hip Hop Foundations  

            Hip Hop ($50 Monthly)

                        Class Times Offered:

Wednesdays–7:15pm (45 Minutes) -- WAITLIST (Next Session Starts Sept 2019)

                        Thursdays–6:30pm (45 Minutes) -- WAITLIST (Next Session Starts Sept 2019)


Monthly Tuition (2018/2019)

$70 Monthly  tuition for 1 Hour Long Classes

$50 Monthly tuition for 45 Minute Long Classes

**There are no other fees or hidden prices.  This is your cost per month - PERIOD!

***Sibling / Family / Multiple Class Discount (Take $10 off per month - So A $70 Monthly Class would be discounted to $60 Monthly) 

Starting Fall 2019 — Select Classes will have 2 spots available in them with a completely obligation free Month to Month Option $90 per Month. If you decide the you want to sign on for longer your cost will be reduced to the Regular Monthly Cost and your account will be credited.

****We offer convenient monthly auto pay for all tuition with no added fees or costs

You can also elect to pay for the Dance Season in 2 installments and save 5% or 1 Full payment and save 10%

Membership (2018/2019)

*Single membership = $50 (includes one t-shirt + membership perks)

*Family membership = $85 (includes a t-shirt for each dancer + membership perks)

*Membership for Hello Dancer is required for taking classes

but is NOT required for attending Camps, Open Classes, or any of our Events

** See below for all the other benefits of being a member of Hello Dancer! 


  • A "Goody Package" as well as your choice of a Hello Dancer T-shirt or Dance Bag

  • Priority enrollments - ensuring first choice of classes each year

  • Special Pricing in the Hello Dancer Workshop and Store

  • Members only events - appreciation parties, and child led open play dance days

  • Savings on holiday camps, summer camps, parent's night out, birthday parties, and more

  • Make up classes

  • and so much more!!!!