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The 2018/2019 Dance Season brings about a lot of fun things for Hello Dancer!  It is our first official full season of dance and wiggles, giggles, smiles, twirls and leaps!  We are focusing on three main areas: The Baby/Toddler, the Children and the Youth Programs and all or a wonderful mix of fundamentals, foundations and fun! 


The CHILDREN'S PROGRAM is geared towards 3-7 year olds and is pretty special.  We have Three sections in this program. The are great separately but we dare you to pair them up! They make absolute magic together!

(a) Fairytale Ballet - Your tiny dancer will love exploring ballet classes based on fairytales and classical ballet stories. Each month we have a new fairytale for your dancer to pirouette through.  They will travel through Cinderella's magical garden and skip through her pond on the way to the elegant ball.  Listening, turn taking and social skills are developed each week as well as age appropriate technique and terms for the basics of pre-ballet. These classes are the beginning to a series of progressive levels for learning ballet and are geared for dancers aged 3-7yrs old.

(b) Twirl & Tap - Leap and dream while learning the fundamentals of pre-ballet and tap with engaging music, a variety of fun themes and props that are sure to set the imagination on fire!  It is jam packed with twirls and toe tapping fun and is designed to enhance the motor, listening and social skills. This class has a great mix of styles!

(c) Move & Groove - How else can we describe this but to move and groove! So it is time to "hip hop ya don't stop."  This is our intro to the world of hip hop and all things funky and fun in the world of dance.  This class is designed specifically for your high energy little one.  They will learn rhythm, coordination, timing, gain confidence, strength, while learning the fundamental basics of hip hop.  All of the music and dance moves are age appropriate and out of this world fun!


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Fairytale Ballet (Pre-Ballet –Rooted in creating a ballet foundation themed around Fairy Tales & Princesses)

*Offered in 3 different color levels based off your child’s age.


            Fairytale Ballet ($70 Monthly) – Pink Level, Age 3-4 

                        Class Times Offered:

                        Mondays – 10:00am (1 Hour)  -- 4 Spots Available

                        Mondays – 3:30pm (1 Hour). -- 6 Spots Available

                        Wednesdays - 6:15pm (1Hour) (Pink Level). -- 5 Spots Available

                        Thursdays – 1:00pm (1 Hour) (6-7yr olds) (Light Blue Level) -- 6 Spots Available

            Fairytale Ballet ($70 Monthly) – Lilac Level, Age 4-5

                        Class Times Offered:

                        Mondays – 5:30pm (1 Hour). -- SOLD OUT / WAIT LIST

                         Wednesdays - 6:15pm (1Hour) (Pink Level)-- 5 Spots Available

            Fairytale Ballet  ($70 Monthly) – Light Blue Level, Age 5-7

                        Class Times Offered:

                        Mondays – 4:30pm (1 Hour)  -- 4 Spots Available

                        Mondays - 6:30pm (1 Hour) -- 5 Spots Available

                        Thursdays – 1:00pm (1 Hour) (6-7yr olds) (Light Blue Level) -- 6 Spots Available

Twirl & Tap (Ballet & Tap Combo Class)

             *Offered in 3 different color levels based off your child’s age.

Twirl & Tap ($50 Monthly) – Pink Level, Age 3-4 (this is a 45 Minute Into Class)

                       NEW Class Times Offered:

                               Wednesdays –5:30pm (45 Min.)  -- 6 Spots Available

            Twirl & Tap ($70 Monthly) – Pink Level, Age 3-4

                       Class Times Offered:

                               Thursdays –10:00am (1 Hour) -- 5 Spots Available

                               Thursdays – 5:30pm (1 Hour) -- SOLD OUT / WAIT LIST

            Twirl & Tap ($70 Monthly) – Lilac Level, Age 4-5

                        Class Times Offered:

                                Tuesdays -- 4:30pm (1 Hour)  -- 3 Spots Available

            Twirl & Tap ($70 Monthly)  – Light Blue Level, Age 5-7

                        Class Times Offered:

                                Tuesdays –5:30pm (1 Hour) -- SOLD OUT / WAIT LIST

Move & Groove (Hip Hop)

            Hip Hop ($50 Monthly) Age 3-5

                        Class Times Offered:

                        Thursdays–3:30pm (45 Minutes) -- 6 Spots Available

            Hip Hop ($50 Monthly) Age 5-7

                        Class Times Offered:

                        Thursdays–4:30pm (45 Minutes)  -- SOLD OUT / WAIT LIST




  • A "Goody Package" as well as your choice of a Hello Dancer T-shirt or Dance Bag

  • Priority enrollments - ensuring first choice of classes each year

  • Special Pricing in the Hello Dancer Workshop and Store

  • Members only events - appreciation parties, and child led open play dance days

  • Savings on holiday camps, summer camps, parent's night out, birthday parties, and more

  • Make up classes

  • and so much more!!!!

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  • Single membership = $50 (includes one t-shirt or dance bag + membership perks)

  • Family membership = $85 (includes a t-shirt for each dancer or dance bag+ membership perks)

  • Membership for Hello Dancer is required for taking classes but is NOT required for attending Camps, Open Classes, or any of our Events

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$70 Monthly - 60 Minute Classes (3-5 classes a Month - depends on Holidays and Month )

$60 Month (Sibling / Multiple Class Cost) - Multiple 60 Minute Classes every week (3-5 times a month) or 2 or more Family Members

$50 Month- 45 Minute Classes (3-5 times a Month)

  • There are 3 - 5 Hour Long Classes per Month (depending on the number of Weeks and Holidays in that Month)
  • There are no other fees or hidden prices. This is your cost per month - PERIOD!
  • Sibling/Family/Multiple Class Discount (Take $10 off per month - So A $70 Monthly Class would be discounted to $60 Monthly)
  • We offer convenient monthly auto pay for all tuition with no added fees or costs
  • Example: 9 Months (Sept - May) 1 Dancer/1 Class = $630 (Total Tuition) + $50 Membership = $680 Total Cost
  • You can also elect to pay for the Dance Season in 2 installments and save 5% or 1 Full payment and save 10%