hello dancer!

The 2018/2019 Dance Season brings about a lot of fun things for Hello Dancer!  It is our first official full season of dance and wiggles, giggles, smiles, twirls and leaps!  We are focusing on three main areas: The Baby/Toddler, the Children and the Youth Programs and all or a wonderful mix of fundamentals, foundations and fun! 


The Baby/Toddler Program is for 6 month - 4 year olds and is focused on developing fine and gross motor skills, listening, basic movements, and lots of wiggling and giggling with mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, big sis or whoever wants to dance with the little one!

(A) Baby & Me (Wiggle & Giggle Time) -  (6 Month - Pre Walking/2 Year Olds) -- This amazing class will focus on fun and appropriate movements for building the baby’s body and brain. Meaningful social/emotional connections are made as you and baby dance together and with others wiggling and giggling and having a shared experience. Explore dance concepts using multi-sensory props and instruments. Learn how to support and encourage tummy and floor time so baby can move through the early developmental patterns that wire the central nervous system and brain. Caregivers are always welcome. Dance and play time rolled into one hour of baby fun!   

(b) Mommy & Me - (2-4 year olds) This is a perfect way for the child who may not be ready to take class on his or her own yet and for the mom or dad that wants to wiggle and and giggle with their little one! Creative movement, pre-ballet and awareness basics along with parent/child activities are built into this class. We love to incorporate colorful and educational props in all of the classes. Children will gain coordination, confidence, listening skills, balance, music interpretation and motor development.   This is an absolute blast to start out with!     

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BABY / TODDLER PROGRAM (6 months - 4 yrs) 

Baby & Me Dance/Movement ($50 Monthly - $100 Session)

            Class Times Offered:  - Starts February 2019

Mommy & Me Dance** ($50 Monthly / $100 Session))

            Class Times Offered:

            Tuesdays –10:00am (45 Minutes) -2 Spots Available

            Saturdays –9:30am (45 Minutes)-3 Spots Available

            Saturdays –10:30am (45 Minutes)- 3 Spots Available

Membership Fee (2018/2019)


*Single membership = $50 (includes one t-shirt or dance bag + membership perks)

*Family membership = $85 (includes a t-shirt for each dancer or dance bag+ membership perks)

*Membership for Hello Dancer is required for taking classes

but is NOT required for attending Camps, Open Classes, or any of our Events

** See below for all the other benefits of being a member of Hello Dancer! 

Tuition (2018/2019)

September - October 2018

Session 1 - 7 (45 Minute) Classes (1 per Week)  ($50 Month)

November - December - January 2018

Session 2 - 7 (45 Minute) Classes (1 per Week) ($50 Month)

February - March - April 2019

Session 3 - 7 (45 Minute) Classes (1 per Week) ($50 Month)

*There are 3 - 5 Hour Long Classes per Month (depending on the number of Weeks and Holidays in that Month) 

**There are no other fees or hidden prices.  This is your cost per month - PERIOD!

***We offer convenient monthly auto pay for all tuition with no added fees or costs

****4 Available Sessions for Mommy and Me.  The end of each Session we will evaluate your little dancer and see if she or he is ready to take an independent class and they can make the transition over to that particular class! 

You can also elect to pay for the Dance Season in 2 installments and save 5% or 1 Full payment and save 10%



  • A "Goody Package" as well as your choice of a Hello Dancer T-shirt or Dance Bag

  • Priority enrollments - ensuring first choice of classes each year

  • Special Pricing in the Hello Dancer Workshop and Store

  • Members only events - appreciation parties, and child led open play dance days

  • Savings on holiday camps, summer camps, parent's night out, birthday parties, and more

  • Make up classes

  • and so much more!!!!