April L. Peters - Director & creator of magical expereinces


1.   Tell us a little bit about yourself.  

I’m absolutely obsessed with experiences…  there is nothing better than creating memorable moments for those you love and celebrating the little things – those are the things dreams are made of!  I have a wonderful husband who is also my creative partner and we have two amazing kiddos.  A weekend where we unplug, hang out, play games, and exploring new places is the best!

2.   What is your first memorable dance moment?  

Choreographing dances in my living room with my friends as a young child, some of my favorites were Opposites Attract by Paula Abdul and Locomotion by Kylie Minogue.  We would put on performances for our parents and stuffed animals.  Life was good. 

3.   What do you love about teaching?  

Giving children that play based structure to explore dance from a conceptual approach, creating imaginative and engaging lesson plans, and giving them the tools and space to escape into the magical world of dance - even if only for an hour is where my heart lies.

4.   What do you love about Hello Dancer? 

Absolutely Everything!!!!!!!!!!!  I love being immersed in creating a creative, educational, and magical experience for each child that walks through our doors.  In choosing the name for Hello Dancer, I wanted something that made you smile, something that reflected the friendly and welcoming environment we strive to create.  Hello Dancer is everything I always wanted in a studio, but couldn’t find.

5.   Who is your favorite cartoon or animated character?

Elastigirl from the Incredibles!  As a working mom we feel pulled in so many directions.  Elastigirl/Helen - keeps it keeps it all together by stretching to great proportions, being flexible, and able to roll with the punches life gives her.  

6.   What do you want your impact to be as a teacher at Hello Dancer? 

Life changing – yes seriously!  To me teaching through a conceptual approach, that focuses on the whole child is the only way to teach!  I am able to give my students a tool box that is much wider than just steps. One that develops skilled technicians, inventive creators, critical thinkers, successful collaborators, and respectful responders.  This isn’t the old school method I was taught as a child, rather one that will engage your child in ways you never imagined dance could!  This method is much more satisfying for both the students and myself. I couldn’t imagine teaching any other way and I want to be able to share this amazing work with as many children as possible.

7.   What are your qualifications?  My journey as a dance educator includes over 15 years of working with toddlers through adults. I am fascinated with dance pedagogy, and have had the privilege of teaching and exploring different ideas with dancers and seeing what works and what doesn’t. I have devoted countless hours to research in this field, and have developed a meaningful developmentally appropriate curriculum that focuses on the whole child, and will equip your child with toolbox for dance like no other.  I have a BA in Communications, am a Certified Creative Dance Teacher, and am a Member of the National Dance Education Organization.