The Magic and Sparkles of Hello Dancer

Our Core

1.     We Are a Family!  – We are a group that dances, dreams, laughs, and loves together.  We are dancers, students, parents, teachers – WE ARE FAMILY, and we treat each other as so.  Together we are so much better! 

2.     A Magical Experience – It’s the magic of quality – and exceeding our guests expectations at every corner, the magic of constant innovation, the magic in all the details big and small, the magic of families coming together, and of course the magic and sparkle of our team members.  All of these things fused together create an experience to be remembered, one that leaves smiles on our dancers and parents faces, excited for more. 

3.     It’s Not Just Dance – It’s about the creative journey, rather than the end result!!!!  That doesn’t mean you can’t have a totally fantastic finished dance.  Quite the contrary.  It just means that’s if you’re not having fun – what’s the point!?!?!!!!   Wiggle, giggle, smile, twirl, leap, dream, imagine… laugh, let go, create, explore, and take risks.  It’s all about enjoying every little moment.  It’s about learning to dance, rather than just a dance.

4.     Let Kids be Kids! – We are big proponents of allowing kids to be kids!  We focus on teaching the whole child with developmentally appropriate programs, as well as age appropriate dancing, music, and attire.  Our children grow up so fast, and we want to remove the pressure and competition, and give them more moments, to create, explore, and dancing like no one is watching.

5.     Curiosity Creates Confidence – We believe there is tremendous opportunity ahead for all of us.  By striving to always be learning, progressing, exploring, listening, and asking questions… we are able to think creatively, tackle challenges, and move things forward as individuals and as a team.

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Our Vision:

Hello Dancer strives to be the happiest dance studio in America and beyond, dedicated to making dance days – the best days.

Full of creative, educational, magical experiences that are simple, stress free, unlike any other, and most importantly unforgettably fun!  

For all who work, dance, play, and make here, Hello Dancer will be a source of joy, inspiration, and a place where all are welcome and treated like family.



Our mission is to offer an alternative to traditional dance studios, one that looks at teaching from an innovative and conceptual approach with dance education, keeping it simple and stress free, and allowing kids to just be kids, opening a door for dancers to fall in love not just with the performance but with the dance itself.  

Our focus is to open a door for dancers to fall in love not just with the performance but with dance itself. Applause ends, stage lights dim - but a true joy and passion for dance will always be home.
— Mrs. April

Things you should know

  • We are your neighborhood dance studio - centrally located in the heart of Lafayette

  • We started hello dancer to create an alternative to expensive costume and performance fees, long rehearsals, and long performances.

  • We focus on the creative process of dancing from beginning to end and work to evoke a love for the pure magic and joy of dancing.

  • We are committed to allowing kids to be kids through age appropriate dancing and music

  • We are a non-competitive studio

  • End of the Year In-Studio Showcase/"Informance" & Appreciation Party: a special celebration, with no pressure on kids or parents alike and tons of fun performance opportunity for your child will be held in our studio. Each class will have their own time scheduled in which families will be invited to come and watch their child’s dance routine followed by an appreciation party for the families and students. No long rehearsals – no expensive costume fees.



Hi there!  I'm April and I am addicted to dancing.  I have a wonderful husband who is also my creative partner and we have two amazing kiddos.  Random wiggles, giggles, twirls, and dabs are an everyday thing for us.  You can catch us dancing down the aisle in the grocery store, at the bus stop before school, or any random night having dance parties in our living room:). Dancing makes my heart smile, and being able to pass those skills along to my kiddos and your kiddos makes my heart smile even more.  

I help you – the parents - by keeping it simple and stress free, and I help the kids by allowing them to just be kids - all while learning proper technique and having that magical escape that all kiddos need. (Even more so now than ever before)

As a former dance studio owner, I’ve done all the hoorah of big recitals and competitions, and while those are great if that’s your thing, I knew I wanted Hello Dancer to be different.  As a parent of 9 and 10 year olds, I know the struggles of trying to  juggle every day tasks and adding in extracurricular activities, especially if they involve lots of extra fees.  It can make it difficult or sometimes not even doable for all families.  I knew that there needed to be another option – which is why Hello Dancer was born.    


April L. Peters

Director and Creator of Magical Experiences

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Jenn Birou

Dance Instructor / Teacher / Artist

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Madison Graves

Dance Instructor / Teacher / Artist

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Maggie A. White

Dance Instructor / Teacher / Artist

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Morgan Chandler

Dance Instructor / Teacher / Artist

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Alexis Robin

Dance Instructor / Teacher / Artist

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Kaitlyn Daigle

Dance Instructor / Teacher / Artist


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April Lafargue Peters - Creator of Magical Experiences

April’s lifelong love for dance began as she would twirl, leap, and boogie all around her bedroom as a young child. Choosing her own music and making up different dance moves to put on small classes and showcases for all her stuffed animals, friends, and family were all part of the magical movement that ignited her passion for the art. She always knew that she wanted dance to be a part of her life, and it certainly was!

After dancing with a couple of wonderful dance studios as a child, April began training with the Lake Charles Civic Ballet at age 15, and performed principles roles in numerous ballets while dancing with the company. In addition, April supplemented her training with extensive study at Ballet Austin, Broadway Dance Center, Millennium Dance Complex, Alvin Ailey, and the University of Louisiana, studying with some of the top professionals in the world of dance.

While a senior in high school, a mom reached out to April to teach her daughter dance – which somehow turned out to be 10 kids. They needed a place to dance and April’s grandmother just happened to have the perfect little red barn that she converted into a small dance studio. The second year of teaching she had 20 children she taught in her grandmother’s barn.

“I always knew I had a love for dance, but my passion for teaching all began in that little red barn."

By year three April was a sophomore in college and needed a “real” job – so she moved out of the barn and onto Main Street opening a “real” dance studio with over 100 kids her first year!

So, while Hello Dancer may be new (Opening February of 2018), the world of dance, teaching dance, and owning studios are not new in April’s life. April’s teaching career is varied, in addition to owning and directing her own studios for over 11 years and teaching for the Lake Charles Civic Ballet, April began the children and adults dance program for McNeese State University’s Continuing Education Department, as well as was involved in creating and developing a children’s dance program for the International Dance Academy in Hollywood. She has also directed and choreographed for award winning competition teams, as well as professional sports dance teams.

"I ablsolutely love teaching the young dancers! Giving children that play based structure to explore dance from a conceptual approach, creating imaginative and engaging lesson plans, and giving them the tools and space to escape into the magical world of dance - even if only for an hour is where my heart lies."

When not dancing she's... Spending time with her husband and two children riding bikes, kayaking, camping (yes in a tent!), exploring new cities, listening to music (especially children's music),and going to concerts.

Giving children that play based structure to explore dance from a conceptual approach, creating imaginative and engaging lesson plans, and giving them the tools and space to escape into the magical world of dance - even if only for an hour is where my heart lies.